Tom Brady would like to play on natural turf

This week marked the 10-year anniversary of the New England Patriots’ decision to tear up the natural grass surface at Gillette Stadium in the middle of the regular season and replace it with synthetic turf. While Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has enjoyed great success on his home field since the change, he said Friday he’d be in favor of ditching the fake stuff and switching back to grass....

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Bristol a Colossal Success!

Lloyd Civil & Sports was lucky to be among the 165,000 who attended the Battle at Bristol for the most attended NCAA football game in history.  

BRAVO to Bristol Motor Speedway and to AstroTurf for delivering a wonderful playing surface for the competition.  

Will the obvious success of this mega event be the beginning of a new business trend to spread across the nation, become an annual occurrence at Bristol, or fade to "remember when"?  

Time will provide all of us the answer.